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Can You Lose Weight By Drinking WaterLet’s clarify a question of ‘Can you lose weight by drinking water’

Hello, everyone. Are one of the millions of people in the world that have an overweight body? Well, to have a big body or an overweight body may make you feel uncomfortable. It can mess up your appearance or your way to move. So, to have an ideal and proportional body, you have to do some ways to make it happen. – There are some effective ways of losing weight. Now, I have a question, ‘Can you lose weight by drinking water?’ can it be an effective way to lose your weight? To answer this question, let’s see the functions of water for a body below.


The functions of water in a body:

  1. Increase metabolism
    The advantage of consuming sufficient water for your body is to be able to increase a metabolism in it. This condition is very important because, by increasing metabolism in your body, it means that drinking sufficient water will increase the calorie-burning in your body. When the calorie is burnt well, it is possible for you to get a weight loss. It is good news for you, isn’t it? Then, all of us know that metabolism can be said as the process happens in the body in which it changes the intake of food and drinks become energy. So, besides it will be effective to lose your weight, it can make you keep energetic every time. After knowing this fact, what do you think about a question of ‘Can you lose weight by drinking water’ then? You must say yes.

  3. Suppress appetite
    The second fact to answer whether can you lose weight by drinking water or not is about the effect after you drink it. Believe or not, after you drink water before you eat, you will feel a little bit okay. This matter will be good to suppress the appetite of yours to eat a big portion. When it happens, you will get a benefit of it that you will be avoided from eating much. Thus, by eating a small portion, it will not make the great significance of increasing weight. It may be good to keep the weight stable or even can lose your weight little by little when the condition of eating little portion is done continuously.

  5. Pull out water content from your body
    The third proof to answer the question of can you lose weight by drinking water is the condition of pulling water content out from the body. When it happens, it will, of course, give you a chance to enjoy the slimmer body. It means that your body weight can go down after the condition of the water content is pulled out from the body.

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It is very real that all of those facts can shows about the truth that drinking water can lose weight. Furthermore, to get a maximum result of losing weight, of course, there are some methods to do. Here are the appropriate methods to lose weight effectively by drinking water:

  1. Drinking before eating
    Talking about can you lose weight by drinking water, the answer is undoubted yes. Then, to make the way of drinking water perfect to prevent the potential of being fat, you should do it at the right time. The firstly right time to drink water is when you want to eat. So, you can do it before you have a meal, a particularly main meal like rice. By drinking water first, you will get a little-sated feeling because your stomach is filled with a little water. Thus, it will prevent you from eating more. It will become effective to manage the right diet to avoid everything you eat making you get weight increased or even overweight.

  3. Drinking fresh water during the day
    Then, you need to know that drinking water as often as possible when needed is very good to help maintain the body sufficient of liquid. Besides, it will also influence your appetite to eat food. When you drink water sufficiently, usually you will get a little intention not to eat food much. This condition will be right to support you to maintain the appropriate diet.

  5. Change the sweet drinking by fresh water
    For you who are accustomed to drinking sweet water, it is better for you to change it with the fresh one. It is suggested because drinking sweet water will be not useful for holding your ideal weight. The materials of sugar contain something which can result in a little fat. If you often drink the sweet one, you will get fat little by little. So, it should be avoided and just change it with the fresh one to make sure you will not be overweight due to drink.

Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Furthermore, to support the method of drinking water as a way to lose weight, there is an important thing that you should not do. It is to consume much salt. Yes, to reduce consuming salt will be the best way to support your effort in losing weight. It can be so because salt also contains material that can lead to a fat little by little. So, just use it as proper as possible so that you will be successful in losing your weight with the right method.

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After knowing the functions of water which can be effective to help lose weight, you must be the pro ones when there is such question ‘Can you lose weight by drinking water.’ Considering these facts, now, it is suggested for you to also combine your healthy diet program to lose weight with consuming water as sufficient as possible and with a right method. Thus, your dream to lose weight will come true when you care enough about these facts. However, you should remember, make sure that water you drink is free from bacteria. Thus, you will not get any bad effects when you are successful in losing weight supported by drinking new water method. Are you interested in this way to lose weight? Just try if you are.

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Water Diet Weight Loss in a Week

Water Diet – Healthy Diet for Healthy Life

The water diet is kind of diet which people do. This kind of diet will help you to detox body. Losing weight is useful.  What is the water diet? This kind of diet will lead you to drink 2 liters of water or more per day.

You may think that it is straightforward diet. Do you know? The diet method will have a diuretic effect which will be good for your health. It will improve blood circulation. It will be smooth and does the natural detox.

In making the water diet weight loss in a week, you have to do some preparation. The preparations are:

  • You have to prepare your mind to practice the water diet. You have to believe that you can do it until the end.
  • Get the guidance about the water diet in a week rule from an expert. So, you can be confident in running the water diet program.
  • It will be better for you to read some testimonials of people who do the diet water in a week.

How to do the water diet in a week? You have to drink only water for a week (7 days). You can also drink liquid food which contains nutrition, such as milk, juice, and so on. But, the pure water is the best for you. For other options, you can drink cooled water and boiled water. You should drink about 2 liters or more of plain water in a day full. Then, you have to continue the process in 7 days.

After doing the water diet in a week, you will feel certain body reaction. You may feel dizzy, weak, and sick (nausea). You should not worry about it. It is the proper reaction of your body.

You only need to take rest to face the reaction. If the reaction is too intense, it will be better if you consult with the doctor. If you feel too much hungry, you only need to drink one glass or two glasses water. Then, you just take rest for a moment.

These are important information about the water diet. After reading the information, you can do the water diet with the right rule. Then, you will have the slim body and healthy body.

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Drinking Water to Lose Weight Calculator


Drinking Water to Lose Weight Calculator

The water diet is one of the kinds of food diet. It will good to lose your weight. When you do the water diet, it will be better if you combine it with healthy habit of eating and regular exercise. It will maintain the active metabolism. Then, the habit will boost the chance of losing weight calculator. This kind of diet is healthy.

  1. Water diet based on the science
    Drinking water is like something simple. But, it has the significant advantage of the body. Based on the Institute for Psychoactive Research, there is the theory behind water diet of 3-day. The theory is that the cold water can cause the body will create heat. Then, the body burns extra calories off when the cold water is drunk. If you drink the colder water, your body has to work harder to stay warm and burn more calories.

  3. When do you drink water?
    It is important to know the best time for drinking water. You should drink water after waking up. Then, you also can drink the water 30 minutes before starting eating food (meal). It will be better if you drink about 200 mL water. However, you can drink water in outside of the time. It is based on your daily need and your activities in the day. You should drink about 2L water. You must not drink water too much at a time. It will be dangerous for you.

  5. Benefit of water diet
    Talking about the water diet, you have to know all benefits of it. Do you want to know? Here, you will know the benefits.

  7. Detoxing Body
    As we have discussed above, drinking water will help to detox body. Of course, it will be good for boost metabolism. The water will make the metabolism and proper circulation run well. It means that lymph flow will be healthy. Then, your body will get natural detoxification effect. You also have to know that your body cells will always need water. So, the water will also be good for the cells.

  9. Preventing of overeating
    Can you imagine when you have no drink? I believe that you will eat more food.  That is why drinking water will prevent overeating. You should drink a glass of water before eating. Then, your appetite will be suppressed.

  11. Natural way to treat constipation
    You must have constipation. What do you do when you have constipation? You can make the proper habit by drinking water regularly to avoid constipation. You should drink a glass of water in the morning before eating anything. It will be good to recover from water lost during you are sleeping. Then, it will stimulate the stomach to fire up digestion that is healthy.

  13. Soft water and hard water
    You have known that drinking water is a must. If you want to do the water diet, you have to drink water more than as the usual. It will be better for you to avoid drinking water which contains chlorine. You can find the water with chlorine in the tap water. But, if the tap water in your home is safe, you can drink it.

However, if you do not have good water (with no chlorine) in your home, you can clean it by using the distiller. The distiller will clean your water, and you can drink it well.

You may have listened about soft water and hard water. Do you know the difference between them? They are distinguished based on the content of mineral which is found in the 1000mL water.

The soft water usually has less content of mineral. But, the hard water usually has more content of mineral. The soft water is more recommended for you.



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