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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Foods High In Protein And Low In Fat


Foods High In Protein And Low In FatOnWeightLoss.net – High protein diet is considered being the best diet for weight loss. First of all, you will need to add foods with high protein contents to your daily meals. However, since the calories are also counted, you have to be careful when picking the best high protein food.

Foods in high proteins and low fat are all you need. These foods are also great for weight loss diet. It is such a great decision to change your regular meal with some protein sources that are rich in nutrient, but low in calories and fat like eggs, soy, beans, seafood, nuts, seeds, low-fat milk and etc.


What High Protein and Low Fat Food Looks Like?

Ever since decades ago, many people choose high protein diet as it gives the real result to lose weight. However, the diet is related to cholesterol increases and resistance of insulin, in case the diet is done as a continuing solution. Nonetheless, not ideal protein intake will lead to some health problems of course. For instance, if high protein intake is combined with suitable exercises, it can proffer definite metabolic advantages too.

If you are planning to lose your weight, it would be better to consider protein intake with low fat sources in your meals. It is beneficial to manage the amount of protein that should be included in your daily meal as well. If you are type of person who love doing activities and looking for the best result from your diet, routine exercise, and also lifestyle, the right amount of low fat, carbohydrates and protein is able to provide energy with the right nutrients. Moreover, protein is important as it is essential to build and keep up the levels of glycogen to produce energy.

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Indeed, breakfast is the most important thing to start with. It is essential to pump up your whole energy throughout the day. Low fat, lean protein, complex carbohydrates and also a variety of vegetables and fruits are able to boost the energy then maximize the levels of nutrients. Complex carbohydrates and protein is such important macros to be included in your breakfast.

When talking about high protein sources to be included in your diet, it will relate to low carbohydrates. It means your diet must consist of almost a half of calories in your protein foods. Increasing the protein amount in the meals with ten percent on each serving will have some beneficial advantages. Your level of satiety and the rate of metabolic will be automatically increased. In addition, the body is going to oxidize at better rates. There is also a benefit toward your leptin and ghrelin level of hormones.

Those hormones are responsible to your satiety and also hunger. Ghrelin is a hormone found in your stomach that’s responsible to increase your eating appetite. When the level of ghrelin is increasing, your body will never feel full even though you just eat a large meal. On the other hand, leptin is made of fat cells that send a signal to the brain, whether or not you are hungry. Higher leptin level will cause your body to be hungry easily and frequently.

Foods High in Protein and Low in Fat List

Adding some low fat foods is able to reduce the overall fat intake of your daily intake of calories for about thirty percent. Even though, yogurt and cheese are low fat foods, but, in reality, they are added with sugar and flavors which will live the fat cells. Removing the fat means that you also have to remove the flavor. When you are losing your weight, cells of fat will release certain amount of leptin, make you hungrier and want to eat some foods.

When it comes to weight loss, diet with high protein content is able to reduce hunger, so you will be able to control your weight effortlessly. Some high protein foods like full fat cheese and fatty meat are unhealthful since they contain saturated fat in high amount. On contrary, there are some high protein foods which contain low fat to be included in your diet. Following are some high protein foods with lower fat content to consider.


1. Seafood and poultry

Turkey breast or skinless chicken and many kinds of fish like tuna, sole, cod and flounder provide high protein content approximately about 27 grams per 3 ounce serving. The important nutrients found in seafood and poultry including zinc, vitamin B-12 and also iron.


2. Low-fat dairy

Full fat dairy in general is considered unhealthy since it contains saturated fat in high amount. However, foods like yogurt and cheese are the best high protein sources with low fat contents. Yogurt and cheese contains mineral and calcium that are essential to build and maintain your bones to be strong. Low fat cheese is actually containing calcium in lower amount but high protein as well.


3. Egg whites

Egg white or another liquor egg contains high protein, cholesterol free and also fat free. One egg white generally contains 3 grams of protein with 17 calories only. Nevertheless, if you consume the egg white together with the yolk, it will actually add 5 grams of fat and 55 percent of calories.


4. Lentils, peas and beans

Lentils, peas and beans are containing high protein with low fat contents. Besides, they also contain potassium and dietary fiber.
High Protein and Low Fat Food

5. Tempeh and tofu

These are considered as the best egg-and-meat substitute amongst vegetarians. Moreover, they are also delicious low-fat with high protein sources.
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6. Edamame

Edamame is such the best food to include in your diet since it is cholesterol free, and contains copper, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamin K and also fiber.
What is a better alternative? Well, if you still can’t bear to eat fatty foods, for alternative you can try to eat low fat foods in small portions. In case you want to consume fats, make sure to choose healthy fats like nut butter, nuts, salmon and also coconut oil. Even though all of them contain fat, they are able to lower your intake of fat as well.


Ten Lessons I’ve Learned From High Protein Low Fat Low Carb Foods.

Low Fat becomes popular keywords for diet program lately. People are aware of the health and they plan to have good program for their diet. In this case, they look for food products and ingredients that have less fat and carb but with high level of protein. These are very ideal and good to lose weight. Even, some researches show that the results can be felt after a week of changing the diet. These are great thing to lose weight. That’s why a lot of people look for the foods with low level of fat and carb, but these are able to supply enough protein and other nutrients.


Some References of Foods Low Fat Low Carb and High Protein

Nowadays, people do diet program to reach ideal body. These are not only found in those who have obesity or overweight problem, but there are also some people who take diet program in order to do prevention. Therefore, they already start to do the program even if they still have proportional weight. Of course, this kind of awareness is not only in term of appearance. It is bigger than that since it deals with health.
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Some years ago, people might think that ideal body was just the matter of appearance. They tried hard to get sexy or slim body to be more attractive. Some men even tried to shape their body and get more muscles in order to be attractive and sporty. However, there have been big changes and shifting. It is no longer for the sake of confidence and appearance in public. Weigh problem has brought more serious problem and it is health. It cannot be taken lightly since weight problems lead to various health problems. Some of them may lead to death.

Obesity leads to the case of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These two problems will trigger serious diseases, and stroke is one of them. Then, there is also heart disease, kidney failure, cancers, and other diseases. These cannot be taken lightly. Because of this risk, people start to do diet program. Low fat and low carb foods are things to choose. Related to this, these are some options to choose.

1. Egg

This is very easy to get and cook. Eggs have low level of fat and this is great sources of protein. Moreover, it is very easy to cook eggs. This can be made into omelet or scrambled egg. However, it is recommended to have hardboiled egg since this is the ideal one to get low fat menu with high protein.

2. Milk

This is the next option of the recommended food. It is surely good source of protein. However, it is important to look for low fat milk. There are various products of milk, and some of them are high in both protein and fat. That’s why people need to be selective. This is not just a good source of protein, since there are also calcium and Vitamin D that’s great for bone and growth. It must be part of your daily menu.

3. Grilled chicken

Chicken is the good source of protein. However, you must be selective since some parts of chicken have high level of fat. In this case, breast is recommended part, and it is better to choose the skinless one. The skin may be tasty part, but this is place where fat exists. If people want to have low fat low carb menu, they can grille it. Adding some salt as seasoning is fine to do.

4. Tuna

This is the other healthy food that’s so rich of protein. Even, some studies show that a can of drained tuna contain high level of protein and other nutrients, but it has no carbohydrate and less fat. However, it should get concern since tuna may have mercury. When your body gets too much mercury, it can lead to serious problem. Therefore, this is alternative foods and should not become the main ingredients of diet.

5. Low-fat cheese

People will agree that cheese is great additional ingredient for many foods. However, when you are doing low fat diet, you need to be careful. You must choose cheese with low level of fat. In this case, cheddar or Colby are good option. Having a slice of cheese will be enough to get some proteins.
High Protein Low Fat Low Carb Foods


6. Peanuts

Peanut can be the next choice of low fat food. It is great since it has low level of fat, but this is great sources of protein. Even, it can be better than almond since almond has fat in it. Well, peanut can be chosen as healthy snacks for various opportunities.

7. Whey protein powder

It can be good choice, especially those who love smoothies. This powder is lovely ingredient since it has high level of protein, low level of fat and carb. However, people should check the sugar level of this powder since higher sugar will give higher level of carb. It can be combined with fruits and veggies to be tasty smoothies.

8. Shrimp

All people know that seafood is great sources of protein. Shrimp is one of them. Moreover, it is very easy to cook and combine with other ingredients. There are many recipes to make this healthy menu of low fat diet program.

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9. Lentils

The next food to choose is lentils as the tasty ingredient to choose. It has great level of protein. Then, it has fiber for better digestive system. As we know, lentils can be made into soups and it will be tasty menu to try.

10. Tofu

Well, vegetarian surely know this food. Tofu is Asian food, and this is great for many menus. It has great protein, and there is less fat and carb. People do not need to worry if it can ruin the diet.

Those are some ingredients of foods with low level of fat and carb, but have good amount of protein. These are good to choose for diets. However, it is better to consult first to doctor, especially those who have problem in liver and kidney since the low fat diet will supply big level of protein. This can bring some impact on those two conditions.



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