6 Affordable Weight Loss Surgery That Promises Great Result


OnWeightLoss.netaffordable weight loss surgery –  Slim body becomes the rage, thanks to modern information outlets. People, not limited to women, are trying out various programs to reduce weight. Certain groups may have the efforts paid off while others are not as successful.

Some people are considering weight loss surgery to deal with such situation. This method ensures fast and effective weight loss unlike working out and diet fads. However, surgery with the aim to reduce weight is at times pricey. There are several procedures that are quite affordable, though.

The Affordable and Effective Weight Loss Surgery

It is justified that some people might be wary of going through surgical procedure to reduce weight. The reason can be fear of its side effects. Financial limitation can also be the reason for not conducting this type of surgery. Below is affordable weight loss surgery list that promises great result.

1. Biliopancreatic Diversion

This is an affordable surgical procedure to reduce one’s weight that is a little bit extreme. In this surgical procedure, the person is required to cut down around 70% of stomach. The patient also needs to decrease length of their small intestine. There is an option to conduct this procedure with duodenal switch to reduce its extremity.

This weight loss surgery ensures more effective weight. The result can be seen within few days after procedure. This method also does not limit one’s food intake due to certain mechanism. Unfortunately, this is a procedure with one of the highest medical risks. Patient may contract hernia after the procedure is done. Such condition will require more surgeries. In addition to that, the procedure may prevent absorption to important nutrients.

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2. Sleeve Gastrectomy

This procedure is also categorized as restrictive surgery. Around 75% of patient’s stomach will be removed through surgical procedure. The only part that is allowed to remain is stomach sleeve. It is a slight tube that links stomach to intestine. This surgery is less risky, especially for those who are required to do weight loss surgery due to health complications.

This surgical procedure does not affect one’s intestine which is useful in nutrient absorption. Because the intestine remains intact, patient does not face the risk of not getting enough nutrients. The weight loss is steadier and more stable using this method. This procedure cannot be reversed, though. The risk of infection is also present for people who decide to go through it.

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3. Gastric Banding with Adjustable Band

There is a procedure that also works to restrict food intake by reducing stomach capacity. The great thing is that, this weight loss surgery is reversible. In this procedure, patient’s stomach will be divided into two parts using adjustable band. The upper part is a smaller size pouch. Meanwhile, the lower part is a bigger section.

This procedure encourages patient to reduce food intake and control the type of food being eaten. The process is safer than bypass surgery. Recovery period tends to be shorter as well with smaller surgery scar. However, the result may not seem as dramatic as other surgeries to reduce weight. Vomiting is also a common side effect from using this method.

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4. Gastric Bypass

This is perhaps one of the most extreme surgeries to decrease weight out there. In this procedure, patient’s stomach will be divided into two different sections. The upper part is smaller while its lower counterpart has larger room. Stomach’s upper division will be directed to end session of patient’s small intestine. It creates direct link between food and absorption channel. Patient will reduce carb intake through this method.

Gastric bypass is a weight loss surgery that is highly recommended for patients who have to lose weight as quickly as possible. The patients may be obese or has extremely high blood pressure that requires them to reduce weight immediately. Dramatic loss of weight will happen within six months after procedure. Unfortunately, this surgery is permanent. Patient needs to be mindful of nutrient intakes because slight misstep may lead to malnutrition.


5. Intragastric Balloon

This is an innovation of weight loss surgery. A deflated balloon will be inserted into patient’s stomach through oral channel. When the balloon is already placed where it is intended at, saline solution will be filled into the balloon. Because of that, patient who goes through this surgery will be able to curb hunger. This procedure is also temporary, for around six months in effect.

Intragastric balloon is advised against people who have liver failure or bowel disease. It also possesses risks such as pancreatitis. Side effects such as nauseous feeling may also happen few moments after the balloon is inserted. The inflated balloon may also press surrounding organs and cause complications. However, within six months, patient can experience weight loss as much as 10% of total weight steadily.


6. Vagal Block

This method is also called as Vagal Block or as vBlock. It is still a relatively new technology that might be more expensive than methods listed in this article. In this procedure, a device will be inserted to under one’s ribcage. The device has capability to send electrical impulses to vagus nerve in regular intervals. These impulses are signs that patient’s stomach is filled. This electronic device can be controlled outside of patient’s body easily using controller.

This weight loss surgery is relatively safer than many other procedures that may require patient to cut down parts of the stomach. The surgical procedure does not take hours to conduct. Patient will be placed under general anesthesia to have the device inserted for around an hour. However, if device battery has run out of power, reprogramming must be done. There are also side effects such as nausea and heart burns. Generally, though, severe complications will not occur when using this procedure to reduce weight.

Those are some procedures to lose weight that can be done even if patient has moderate budget. The weight loss surgery is not only necessary for patient with dream of slimmer body. Those who have medical needs to lose weight also gain benefit from it. Choose method that will work the best on you!



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