The Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

3 Things Nobody Told You About Lap Band Vs Gastric Bypass Cost


Lap Band Vs Gastric Bypass –  Weight loss surgery, such as gastric band (lap band) and gastric bypass, is very useful to help people with obesity to solve their health problems. Obesity is extremely dangerous because it can literally trigger gruesome diseases, including heart attack, sleep apnea, diabetes type 2, stroke, high blood pressure, and many others.

Surgery is taken into action usually after common treatments, like strict diet and constant exercise, come to no avail. If you are interested in weight loss surgery, or consider having one in the near future, you need to know more about it, especially on the cost. Here is more information about the cost of lap band and gastric bypass surgery.



All You Need to Know about the Cost of Lap Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Both gastric band (lap band) and gastric bypass are very popular. Among the entire kinds of weight loss surgery, people mostly opt for either the lap band or the gastric bypass. These two surgeries can help losing weight quickly and effectively. That is why they are often chosen by patients who suffer for extreme obesity.

The two surgeries have the same point, which is reducing the size of the stomach. The size of the stomach is reduced so that an obese patient will no longer feel hungry quite often. It will certainly help them lose weight. Surgery is always related to the cost. Here is the detailed explanation about the cost for both types of weight loss surgery.


1. The Cost of Gastric Band Surgery

In the USA, gastric band surgery usually cost between $8,800 and $22,500. In average, the cost of surgery is $15,000. However, the cost heavily depends on the location of the hospital where the surgery takes place, the professionalism of the surgeons, and the type of payment a patient uses (usually the price is higher with insurance coverage).


The Cost of Gastric Band Surgery


2. The Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is more expensive than the gastric band. This surgery needs money between $20,000 and $25,000 in order for someone to have it. In average, people pay $24,000 for this type of surgery. Same with the lap band surgery, the cost heavily depends on many factors, especially the location of the hospital for sure.


3. Why Gastric Bypass Surgery is More Expensive?

From the explanation above, it is clear that gastric bypass is way more expensive than gastric band surgery. Considering that both have the same eventual goal, what makes gastric bypass more expensive? Apparently, there are several factors that cost more in gastric bypass surgery. They do make the final price a lot higher than the lap band. Here is the list.

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery is More Demandable

    Lap Band can reduce the weight of an obese patient by 50% of its original weight. As for gastric bypass, it can reduce up to 80% of the weight. This is why the gastric bypass one is liked better, especially by those who really need to lose weight quickly and drastically. Being more demandable by public makes the cost of surgery is more expensive from time to time, especially in big hospitals. The number of patients waiting in line for the surgery is just massive, thus requiring the hospitals to hire more surgeons, anesthesiologists, and more. This has big impact on the eventual cost.


  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Requires Longer Operating Time

    One of reasons why bypass surgery costs more money is because the operating procedure is more complicated. Besides, the operating time is way longer. Bypass operation takes 4 hours, at least. Meanwhile, the gastric band surgery only takes 1 hour, or even less. This way longer process of the operation certainly needs more services and equipment. Therefore, the bypass surgery is more expensive.


  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Requires Hospital Stay

    It is always expensive to pay hospital stay. Clearly enough, the bypass surgery is too complicated for patient to leave for home right after the operation. They need to stay at least 3 days in the hospital.  As for the lap band surgery, this is very simple and sometimes it is outpatient, in which the patient can leave hospital in the same day as the operation. The need of hospital stay of course adds more expense to the cost of gastric bypass.


    The Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Requires More Supplementation Aftermath

    Gastric band surgery, or the lap band, is the simpler surgery where the immediate side effects are also fewer. The gastric bypass, on contrary, is way more complicated and cause a lot of immediate side effect. One of the side effects that emerge right after the surgery is the ability of body to absorb vitamin and mineral. It makes the patient develop the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency.  That is why they need more supplementation after the surgery. They need huge amount of folid acid, iron, vitamin D, and thiamin (vitamin B) every single day. These supplementations are expensive and often included in the surgery cost, causing it to be way more expensive than the lap band one.


  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Requires More Expensive Follow-Up Procedures

    Becoming the more complicated one between the two makes gastric bypass surgery requires more follow-up procedures. Most of them are very expensive. Besides of vitamin and mineral deficiency, gastric bypass operations make the patients develop dental problems as well. It is triggered by the lack of mineral absorption in the body. This is why one of the follow-up procedures after the operation is consultation with dentists, which can make the cost very expensive.

Well, you know exactly how much to prepare in order to have the surgery, either it is the lap band or the gastric bypass. Since it is quite expensive, you need to have plan on how to finance the surgery. It is a good thing if you have an insurance covering the expense. However, if you have to pay it on your own, you can choose a hospital where the surgery can be paid by installments. That way, you can pay the whole cost of surgery bit by bit until it is paid off. This method works well, especially when people consider taking gastric bypass surgery in which the cost is way more expensive than the gastric band procedure.



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