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Low Fat Foods ListOnWeightLoss.net –  Getting low fat foods is indeed necessary. While you think that removing the fat intake will be a big help for a balanced diet, it is not true at all. Therefore, what is advised to you is to reduce the fat intake.

As known, a diet to limit the fat is highly recommended for those who are recovering from surgery. What surgery? Mostly, it is gallbladder surgery. Additionally, people with pancreas and gallbladder diseases are also recommended to have this diet. In order to know what foods that’s good for people in diet, let’s keep reading on.


Good and Bad Low Fat Foods You Should Know

There are low fat foods that are good and bad for you. If you are in diet program, it is important to know what they are. In order to prepare the food very well, let’s get to know what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid. Check them out below.

1. Fruits

This snack surely has fat in low amount. Additionally, almost all fruits contain high vitamins, fiber, and minerals. You can even eat several sweet fruits if you like the natural sweet flavor. Antioxidants can be found in several fruits in which it is good for your body. It can fight keep you away from heart disease, cancer, aging, arthritis, and many more.


2. Leafy greens

It has no fat. The more interesting part: it is loaded with a bunch of vitamins and minerals. What can be found in the leafy greens include vitamins A and K, folate, calcium, and potassium. Reducing inflammation in the body is one of things that it can do. Again, you can protect yourself from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

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3. Sweet potatoes

The next good low fat food is sweet potatoes. For your information, one medium-sized sweet potato contains 1.4 grams of fat only. Minerals that are contained by the food are manganese and potassium. Again, there are several vitamins in it: vitamin A, C, and some B vitamins.


4. Beans and legumes

Legumes are a class of vegetable. It includes lentils, beans, and peas. It has no cholesterol and surely low in fat. What’s more, they have rich minerals (zinc, magnesium, and iron), fiber, B vitamins, and protein. Health benefits are offered by consuming them.


5. Cruciferous vegetables

If you are not familiar with it, it is actually a nutrients robust source. It has vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, minerals, fiber, and folate. Vegetables are involved in this type are turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy.


6. Tart cherry juice

This cherry is known to be sour cherry. It is also known as Montmorency cherry. This fruit is fat-free that makes it good to be consumed. Again, this fruit is rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are anti-inflammatory compounds. If you regularly have strenuous exercise and get soreness and muscle inflammation, this fruit will be such a help therefore.

What are the best low fat foods

7. Garlic

Garlic is popular to have bold aroma and flavor. It is one of low fat foods, and it contains very few calories. In fact, it has been widely used for medicinal purposes. According to research, it shows that garlic is believed to be able enhancing the immune system. Preventing common cold can be done as well.


8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious to eat. Fortunately, it is fat-free food and brings health benefits. Furthermore, mushrooms are fungi basically. Several types that can be eaten are oyster, crimini, white button, portabella, and shitake.


9. White and lean fish

Low fat white and lean fish comes in cod, Pollock, perch, and haddock. They have few calories and are good protein source. Besides the protein, there are things in it: selenium, niacin, phosphorus, and vitamin B12. As suggestion, it is best to serve them with bold seasonings due to the mild flavors.


10. Egg whites

The part of egg that is low in fat is in the white part. Just so you know, the yolks are rich in cholesterol and fat. Therefore, people who are in diet are suggested to have the egg whites instead of yolks.
So, those are 10 low fat foods list that can be consumed for those who need them. You can vary the serving to maintain your appetite for daily meal plan. It has been listed several good foods that are low in fat. The fat contained is natural and it is different from several processed foods that claim to be low in fat. Sadly, those are good foods that shouldn’t be consumed. Here are explained more.

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Flavored yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy food and many people will agree with this statement. Unfortunately, it can be bad for you when sugar or sweetener is added. It cannot be said to be nutritious food in this situation.


Salad dressing

It is very nice to add salad dressing to your salad, right? Raw vegetables fit the best with salad dressing, really. In contrast, the dressing doesn’t have any health benefit. What’s more, some of them contain preservatives and sugar.


Peanut butter

Have you known that peanut butter is place in bad low fat foods to consume? Although it is very popular and delicious, it may contain high-fructose corn syrup and sugar.

Sweetened breakfast cereal

This one is very popular to have as a breakfast. Many cereal brands claim the product to be low fat cereal and it contains whole grains. Sadly, the fact is different. Sugar is added in large amounts and making it bad for you.



This delicious food is believed to be not good. It is caused by the sugar contained in a small muffin (71 gram). Although it looks like fine to be eaten regularly, it is best to limit your muffin consumption.
Well, have you done reading the low fat foods list above? Hopefully, you will be more aware of what foods are good to eat and what not. Do not easily get distracted by any claim made by in particular food products.


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